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IELTS Sample Essay


Some people believe that universities are producing more graduates than needed, and that less emphasis should be placed on university education. Others are of a different opinion. Discuss both views and include your own opinion.

Model Answer

There is no denying the fact that the number of students who graduate from universities is on the rise. And that is a positive trend. It shows that more and more students have started recognizing the value of higher education.

It is now widely believed that a university education is essential for success in the workplace. And that is true. Graduates are likely to command better pay packets than undergraduates. Graduates are also more likely to get a promotion. There is one problem, though. While the number of graduates is on the rise, there arenít enough jobs for all of them. That means a large of number of fresh graduates are unemployed because they canít find jobs that meet their level of academic qualification.

On the flip side, plenty of jobs are available in the labour sector. However, most graduates are reluctant to accept these jobs because they are looking for white collar jobs. When they canít find those jobs they become discouraged.

Does this mean that students should stop going to universities? The answer is an emphatic NO. Education is one of those skills that can never harm its possessor. One can never be over-educated. Besides imparting job-related skills, universities also make students better equipped to face the challenges of life. By not acquiring higher education a person will only impair his chances of success in life.

By not going to universities, we canít solve any problem. What we need is a change in the mindset. We must realize that all forms of labour are dignified. We must stop thinking that because we are educated we should only work in office like environments.

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