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TOEFL Sample Essay

If the entire stock of petrol and diesel in the world were suddenly exhausted… Give four possible consequences if such a situation may arise.

If the entire stock of petrol and diesel in the world were suddenly exhausted, the following consequences may arise:

All transportation by road, rail and air will come to a grinding halt because vehicles of all kind run on diesel and petrol. This will result in immobility. People will have to stay put in one place. They will have to work from home because they will not be able to go to their work places which may be far off. They will be able to communicate with one another only through telephone or internet.

All international meetings and summits will become a thing of the past since world leaders will not be able to travel to different parts of the globe. On the bright side, this may lessen the prevailing tensions between countries. If the rich and powerful countries can’t send their troops to invade less powerful countries, it will definitely lead to a peaceful world in the long run.

It will also reduce atmospheric pollution. There is no denying the fact that vehicles running on diesel and petrol are the major causes of air pollution. If no petrol or diesel is available to run these vehicles, we will much cleaner air. And because clean air is good for people, they will lead healthier lives.

If the entire stock of petrol and diesel in the world were exhausted suddenly, the oil-rich gulf nations will be worse off than the poorest of the third world countries since oil is their major stranglehold on world economy. They may be forced to resort to their earlier lifestyle when they traveled across desert on their camels. This will also pull down an oil-rich super power like the United States a few rungs as it will not be able to enjoy the military and economic clout it does now.

Parts of the essay taken from Competition Success Review

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