Adjective or adverb worksheet for grade 7 CBSE

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An adjective is a word used to modify a noun. An adverb is a word used to modify a verb.

Complete the following sentences.

1. We have to act ------------------ (quick / quickly)

2. She sang ------------------- (well / good)

3. She ---------------- accepted the offer. (happy / happily)

4. You don't look -------------------- to see. (happy / happily)

5. Her performance was very -------------------- (well / good)

6. I don't remember them very ----------------- (good / well)

7. We are having ------------------ weather. (terrible / terribly)

8. It is -------------------- cold today. (terrible / terribly)

9. He behaved ------------------ (rude / rudely)

10. His ----------------- behaviour irritated his parents. (rude / rudely)

11. He was driving --------------------- fast. (unusual / unusually)

12. She looked ------------------ (sad / sadly)


1. We have to act quickly.

2. She sang well. (Well is an adverb; good is an adjective.)

3. She happily accepted the offer.

4. You don't look happy to see me.

5. Her performance was very good.

6. I don't remember them very well.

7. We are having terrible weather.

8. It is terribly cold today.

9. He behaved rudely.

10. His rude behaviour irritated his parents.

11. He was driving unusually fast.

12. She looked sad. (Looked is a copular verb; we use adjectives to modify copular verbs.)

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