Change interrogative sentences into assertive sentences

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Change interrogative sentences into assertive sentences.


While transforming interrogative sentences into assertive sentences, we add 'not' if the interrogative sentence is in the affirmative.

An example is given below.

Interrogative: Is he not a bright student?

Assertive: He is a bright student.


1. Was she upset with him?

2. Were they not impressed with her performance?

3. Will they attend the party?

4. Has he finished his work?

5. Has he not returned from work yet?

6. Doesn’t she work here?

7. Did she offend you?

8. Did she accept the invitation?

9. Does he know the answer?

10. Was he kind to you?

11. Were they interested in the offer?

12. Can she speak English?

13. Can you not solve this problem?

14. Is he intelligent?

15. Doesn't he live with his parents?

16. Did he complete the work?


1. She was not upset with him.

2. They were impressed with her performance.

3. They will attend the party.

4. He has not finished his work.

5. He has returned from work.

6. She works here.

7. She did not offend me.

8. She did not accept the invitation.

9. He does not know the answer.

10. He was not kind to me.

11. They were not interested in the offer.

12. She cannot speak English.

13. I can solve this problem.

14. He isn't intelligent.

15. He lives with his parents.

16. He did not complete the work.

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