Passive voice worksheet for CBSE 7| Past continuous tense

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In the past continuous tense, we make passive forms by putting 'was/were + being' before the past participle form of the verb.

Active: I was reading a novel.

Passive: A novel was being read by me.

Change the following sentences into the passive.

1. Supriya was doing her homework.

2. I was typing the document.

3. The boy was singing a song.

4. The mechanic was repairing the car.

5. The teacher was solving the problem.

6. Mother was cooking dinner.

7. They were planting some saplings in the garden.

8. The masons were building the house.

9. They were painting the roof.

10. I was helping the boy.

11. The girl was playing the piano.


1. Her homework was being done by Supriya.

2. The document was being typed by me.

3. A song was being sung by the boy.

4. The car was being repaired by the mechanic.

5. The problem was being solved by the teacher.

6. Dinner was being cooked by mother.

7. Some samplings were being planted in the garden.

8. The house was being built by the masons.

9. The roof was being painted by them.

10. The boy was being helped by me.

11. The piano was being played by the girl.

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