Passive voice worksheet for CBSE 7| Future perfect tense

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In the future perfect tense, we make passive forms by adding will have been before the past participle form of the verb.

Examples are given below.

Active: She will have eaten her lunch.

Passive: Her lunch will have been eaten by her.

Active: She will have sold her car.

Passive: Her car will have been sold by her.


Sentences are given in the active voice. Change them into the passive voice.

1. The mechanic will have repaired the car.

2. I will have learnt my lessons.

3. She will have won the first prize.

4. They will have received the parcel.

5. He will have finished the job.

6. The police will have caught the thief.

7. They will have rescued the girl.

8. They will have done everything by Friday.

9. The children will have eaten all the toffees.

10. The cat will have drunk the milk.

11. The boys will have saved the pigeon.


1. The car will have been repaired by the mechanic.

2. My lessons will have been learnt by me.

3. The first prize will have been won by her.

4. The parcel will have been received by them.

5. The job will have been finished by him.

6. The thief will have been caught by the police.

7. The girl will have been rescued by them.

8. Everything will have been done by Friday.

9. The toffees will have been eaten by the children.

10. The milk will have been drunk by the cat.

11. The pigeon will have been saved by the boys.

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