Passive voice worksheet for CBSE 7| Simple future tense

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In the simple future tense, we make passive forms by adding will/shall + be before the past participle form of the verb.

Active: I will accept this offer.

Passive: This offer will be accepted by me.

Active: She will finish the job.

Correct: The job will be finished by her.

Change the following sentences into passive voice.

1. I will help you.

2. They will accept the invitation.

3. Jane will invite Mark to the party.

4. She will solve the puzzle.

5. He will pay the fee.

6. I will book two tickets.

7. She will bring her piano.

8. I will buy a new car.

9. She will visit them.

10. They will kill him.

11. She will give a speech.

12. The police will catch the thief.

13. The doctor will save her life.

14. She will win the first prize.

15. The master will punish the boy.

16. He will sell his car.

17. Our team will win the championship.

18. We will play our roles well.


1. He will be helped by me.

2. The invitation will be accepted by them.

3. Mark will be invited by Jane to the party.

4. The puzzle will be solved by her.

5. The fee will be paid by him.

6. Two tickets will be booked by me.

7. Her piano will be brought by her.

8. A new car will be bought by me.

9. They will be visited by her.

10. He will be killed by them.

11. A speech will be given by her.

12. The thief will be caught by the police.

13. Her life will be saved by the doctor.

14. The first prize will be won by her.

15. The boy will be punished by the master.

16. His car will be sold by him.

17. The championship will be won by our team.

18. Our roles will be played well by us.

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