Types of nouns

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A noun is a word used to refer to a person, place or thing. There are mainly two types of nouns - proper nouns and common nouns.

A proper noun is the name of a particular person, place or thing. Examples are: Raju, Janaki, India, France, Aryan, Victoria Terminus, Eden Gardens etc.

The names of the months and the days of the week are all proper nouns.

Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter.

I met James on Sunday. (NOT I met james on sunday.)

Common nouns are the names given to a class of persons, things or places. Examples are: boy, girl, tree, student, parents, schools, books etc.

Collective nouns

Names given to groups of people, animals or things of the same kind are called collective nouns.

Examples are: army, battalion, crowd, mob, crew, jury, committee, team, family etc.

Common nouns that refer to materials or substances out of which things are made are called material nouns. Examples are: gold, silver, clay, wood, plastic, iron, milk, water etc.

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