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The comparative and the superlative: worksheet 2

Fill in the blanks with appropriate comparative or superlative forms.

1. Prevention is ----------------- than cure.

2. Mount Everest is the ----------------- peak of the Himalayas.

3. Who is the ------------------- beautiful woman in the world?

4. I have lots of friends, but Jane is the -------------------

5. Wordsworth is ------------------ than any other English poet.

6. My uncle is ------------------ than my father.

7. John is the ------------------- player in the team.

8. Alice is ------------------ than her three sisters.

9. Jane is the ------------------ of my two sisters.

10. Clouds float in the sky because they are ------------------ than air.

11. The streets of Mumbai are ------------------- than those of Lahore.

12. Which of the two girls has the --------------------- dress?

13. Jupiter is ------------------ than any other planet in the solar system.

14. You donít know him --------------------- than I do.

15. This is the -------------------- mosque in the city.


1. Better

2. Highest

3. Most

4. Nicest

5. Greater

6. Older

7. Best

8. Taller

9. Eldest

10. Lighter

11. Busier

12. Prettiest

13. Bigger

14. Better

15. Oldest

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