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Conjunctions worksheet

Conjunctions are words used to join two clauses or phrases together. Besides joining two clauses conjunctions also show how the meanings of the two clauses are related. Answer choices are not given but you should be able to guess them.

Complete the following sentences using appropriate conjunctions. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this conjunctions worksheet

Fill in the blanks with appropriate conjunctions.

1. I worked hard ------------------------------------------------- I failed the exam.

2. He fled ------------------------------------------ he was afraid.

3. Hurry up, ------------------------------------------- you will be late.

4. ----------------------------------------------- you try, you will not succeed.

5. I am sure ---------------------------------------------- she will come.

6. Will you wait ---------------------------------------------- I return?

7. He finished first --------------------------------------- he started late.

8. I will not go ---------------------------------------- I am invited.

9. ------------------------------------------------ he was industrious, I encouraged him.

10. The wallet has either been lost ----------------------------------------------- stolen.

11. She is fat ------------------------------------- she runs fast.

12. I donít know ------------------------------------------ she will come or not.

13. --------------------------------------- his fatherís influence, he could not find a good job.

14. ------------------------------------------------- getting the best possible treatment, his health is not improving.

15. ------------------------------------------------- he doesnít follow his doctorís advice, his health will deteriorate.

16. --------------------------------------------- he is an influential politician he could not find a good job for his son.


1. But; 2. For / because; 3. Or / else / otherwise; 4. Unless; 5. That; 6. Till / until; 7. Though / although; 8. Unless; 9. As; 10. Or; 11. But; 12. Whether; 13. Despite; 14. In spite of; 15. If; 16. Though

Teachers and parents may print these worksheets for their students. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this conjunctions worksheet.

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