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Present continuous tense worksheet 2

Read the instructions given below and form appropriate responses. Note that the instructions are in the simple present tense. The responses have to be in the present continuous tense.

Click here for a printer-friendly version of this present continuous tense worksheet

If you want to learn about the present progressive tense before doing this grammar exercise, go to this study page.

Examples are given below.

  • Do your homework. (Instruction)
  • I am doing my homework. (Response)
  • Come here. (Instruction)
  • I am coming. (Response)
  • Fetch a glass of water. (Instruction)
  • I am fetching a glass of water. (Response)

Exercise: Form similar responses to the instructions given below.

1. Do not write on the walls.

2. Do not throw stones at the dog.

3. Do not walk on the grass.

4. Change your clothes.

5. Wait for me.

6. Eat your breakfast.

7. Get ready for school.

8. Put on your clothes.

9. Wash the plates.

10. Open your book.


1. I am not writing on the walls.

2. I am not throwing stones at the dog.

3. I am not walking on the grass.

4. I am changing my clothes.

5. I am waiting for you.

6. I am eating my breakfast.

7. I am getting ready for school.

8. I am putting on my clothes.

9. I am washing the plates.

10. I am opening my book.

Teachers and parents may print these worksheets for their students. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this present continuous tense worksheet.

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