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Transitive and intransitive verbs worksheet

Posted by Manjusha. Filed in English Grammar

This exercise tests your understanding of transitive and intransitive verbs. Identify the verbs in the following sentences and state whether they are transitive or intransitive


Verbs that are followed by objects are called transitive verbs. Verbs that are not normally followed by objects are called intransitive verbs.

Transitive or intransitive verb worksheet 2

Transitive verbs worksheet

1. Some ants fight fiercely.

2. The explosion sank the ship.

3. He spoke the truth.

4. He spoke loudly.

5. Boil the water.

6. The motorman stopped the train.

7. The horse kicked the boy.

8. The sun rises in the morning.

9. The watchman blew his whistle.

10. The poor widow killed herself.

11. He took shelter under a tree.

12. The birds sang sweetly.

13. The fire burns brightly.

14. Birds fly in the sky.

15. Time heals all wounds.

16. Let’s invite Bob and Mary.

17. You surprised me.

18. Do sit down.

19. I usually sleep well.

20. Let’s eat something.

21. She opened the windows.

22. I can’t start the car.

23. Motherhood has really changed her.

24. The thief escaped.

25. My father built a house.


1. Intransitive verb – fight; no object

2. Transitive verb – sank; object – the ship

3. Transitive verb – spoke; object – the truth

4. Intransitive verb – spoke; no object

5. Transitive verb – boil; object – the water

6. Transitive verb – stopped; object – the train

7. Transitive verb – kicked; object – the boy

8. Intransitive verb – rises; no object

9. Transitive verb – blew; object – his whistle

10. Transitive verb – killed; object – herself

11. Transitive verb – took; object – shelter

12. Intransitive verb – sang; no object

13. Intransitive verb – burns; no object

14. Intransitive verb – fly; no object

15. Transitive verb – heals; object – all wounds

16. Transitive verb – invite; Object – Bob and Mary

17. Transitive verb – surprised; Object – me

18. Intransitive verb – sit; No object

19. Intransitive verb – sleep; No object

20. Transitive verb – eat; Object – something

21. Transitive verb – opened; Object – the windows

22. Transitive verb – start; Object – the car

23. Transitive verb – changed; Object – her

24. Intransitive verb – escaped; No object

25. Transitive verb – built; Object – a house

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