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Using as well as

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As well as means ‘in addition to’.

As well as means ‘in addition to’.

  • He is strong as well as courageous.

We can express the same idea in several other ways.

  • He is both strong and courageous.
  • He is not only courageous but also strong.
  • In addition to being courageous, he is strong.

As well as can be used in the following structure:

As well as + noun + clause / phrase
  • Our team played as well as theirs but missed many attempts on goal.

When we put a verb after as well as, we usually use an –ing form.

  • As well as verbally abusing his wife, he hit her. (= He not only hit his wife, but also abused her verbally.) (NOT As well as he verbally abused his wife, he hit her.)
  • He acted in the play as well as directing it. (= He not only directed the play, but also acted in it.)

If the main clause has an infinitive clause, an infinitive without to is possible in the clause introduced by as well as.

  • I have to cook breakfast as well as get the kids ready for school.

Note the difference between the following structures.

  • She sings as well as writing plays. (= She not only sings but also writes plays.)
  • She sings as well as she writes plays. (= Her writing is as good as her singing.)

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