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The structures would you mind/do you mind can be used in questions to ask people if they would be troubled by something.

  • Do you mind my smoking?
  • Would you mind shutting the door?

After would you mind/do you mind we normally use an -ing form. It is possible for the -ing form to have its own subject.


  • Would you mind opening the window? (= Will you please open the window?)
  • Would you mind my opening the window?(= Can I open the window?)

Note that after would you mind/do you mind we use a pronoun in the possessive case.

An if clause is possible after would you mind/do you mind.

  • Would you mind if I opened the window?
  • Do you mind if I smoke?

In general questions about what people think of something, we do not normally use would you mind.

  • Do you mind the smell of tobacco? (General question)
  • Do you mind/would you mind my smoking?
  • Do you mind people smoking in your house? (General question)

We can use don't mind/wouldn't mind to say that we are not troubled by something.

  • I don't mind your coming late.
  • I don't mind your opening the window.
  • I wouldn't mind if you smoke.

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