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We use used + infinitive to talk about past habits.

Used to -- has no present form. It has no progressive, perfect, infinitive or -ing forms either. To talk about present habits and states, we usually use the simple present tense.

Cases where used to -- is not used

Used to indicates a constant or frequent practice in the past, or the existence of something in the past. There is an idea that circumstances have changed. It is not used simply to say what happened at a past time, or how long it took, or how many times it happened.

Be used to

If a person is used to something, he or she has experienced it before that it is no longer strange or new. Be used to can be followed by nouns or -ing forms (NOT infinitives).

Get used to + -ing

Get, become and grow can also be used before used to (-ing).

Test your understanding of these rules with this would or used to grammar exercise.

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