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Idioms and phrases with the word heart

At heart

He is a nice person at heart.

Be in good heart = be happy and hopeful

Investors are still in good heart, despite recent stock market falls.

Close/dear/near to someoneís heart = very important or interesting to someone

That is obviously a topic very close to her heart.

Do someoneís heart good = make someone feel happy

Have something at heart

A mother always has her childís welfare at heart. (= A motherís actions are always influenced by her love for her child.)

Have a heart of gold = be a very kind person

Have a heart of stone = be very unsympathetic

Have your heart set on something = decide that you want something very much

He has his heart set on winning the championship.

Heart goes out to someone = used for saying that you feel sorry for someone else

My heart goes out to the parents who lost their loved ones in the mishap.

Someoneís heart is not in something = someone has lost interest in something that they are doing

His heart was no longer in the project.

In someoneís heart / in someoneís heart of hearts

In his heart of hearts he knew that she was right.

Not have the heart to do something = not be able to do something because it is very cruel.

I didnít have the heart to tell him that he had been sacked.

Play / work / sing your heart out = put a lot of effort into playing etc.

The children played their hearts out.

Cry your heart out = cry a lot

Take something to heart = think about something very seriously

You must not take everything people say to heart.

To your heartís content = as much as you like

She partied to her heartís content.

Wear / have your heart on your sleeve = be honest about your feelings; express your feelings freely

She is someone who wears her heart on her sleeve.

With your heart in your mouth = when you have your heart in your mouth you are feeling very nervous.

She opened the envelope and started reading the letter with her heart in her mouth.

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