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Still, yet and already

Still is used to talk about an action or situation that has not finished.

  • She is still working.
  • The baby is still asleep.
  • We are still waiting for his reply.
  • It is still raining.


Yet is used to talk about something which has not happened – it is expected to happen in the future.

  • ‘Is Jane here?’ ‘Not yet’.
  • He hasn’t come yet.

In questions yet can be used to ask whether something expected has happened.

  • Have they arrived yet?
  • Is supper ready yet?

Yet is occasionally used in affirmative sentences. In that case it has a similar meaning to still.

  • We have yet to receive that parcel. (= We are still waiting to receive that parcel.)


Already is used to say that something has happened sooner than expected.

  • We have already finished.
  • They have already arrived.
  • ‘When is she going to come?’ ‘She is already here.’


In British English, already and yet are commonly used with perfect tenses. In American English, past tenses are often preferred.

  • She has already arrived. (GB)
  • She already arrived. (US)
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