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If you havenít already personally arranged for a supervisor, you need to have one assigned to you. You may suggest a member of the academic staff whom you believe would be appropriate to supervise your project, although demand in some areas may make it impossible to meet such requests.

Once a supervisor has been appointed, you should follow a series of stages in the supervision process as you proceed from refining your proposed research to the presentation of your finished dissertation. It is important that you take responsibility for maintaining the momentum throughout your candidature, and that you are well prepared for your consultation with your supervisor at each stage.

Your supervisorís role is to guide you through the stages in your research only, not to do the research, the writing or the editing for you. We strongly advise that you map out, from the start, a schedule of meetings or consultations with your supervisor. This will provide you with a series of deadlines to work to and goals to achieve, and will make clear the expectations that you and your supervisor have of one another. For instance, you should negotiate with your supervisor pre-determined deadlines for:

Most students completing a dissertation meet with their supervisors at least four to five times to do this (see the section below, ĎStages in the supervision processí). Distance learning students, on the other hand, may never meet their dissertation supervisor face-to-face and, therefore, need to establish an alternative pattern of communication.

Many universities have a Code of Supervisory Practice for the reference of research students and their supervisors. Macquarie Universityís Higher Degree Research Guide for Candidates and Supervisors covers arrangements between candidates and supervisors and such matters as intellectual property, research ethics and publications arising from studentsí research projects.

Students are expected to follow a four to five-stage supervisory process as they conduct their research and complete their dissertation. At each stage there will typically be a meeting or consultation. For on-campus students this will usually take place in person, although on campus And distance learning students alike may prefer or need to communicate with their supervisor by telephone, fax, or email. As part of planning for your research and dissertation, you should plan for your consultations with your supervisor and negotiate with him or her at the outset how your communication will take place.

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