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Adjective or adverb worksheet

State whether the italicized words in the following sentences are adjectives or adverbs.

1. We will have to think quickly.
2. I don’t remember him very well.
3. It is a daily paper.
4. He was driving unusually fast.
5. It is terribly hot today.
6. Cyanide is a deadly poison.
7. The Irish are very proud of their sense of humor.
8. We are looking for people skilled at design.
9. He is a difficult person to understand.
10. It is important that everybody should feel comfortable.
11. I bought six large eggs.
12. I have almost finished painting the house.


1. Quickly – adverb
2. Well – adverb
3. Daily – adjective
4. Unusually – adverb
5. Terribly – adverb
6. Deadly – adjective
7. Proud – adjective
8. Skilled – adjective
9. Difficult – adjective
10. Important – adjective
11. Six – adjective
12. Almost – adverb

Teachers and parents may print these worksheets for their students. Click here for a printer-friendly version of this page.

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