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Comparison using superlative adjectives and adverbs

We use the superlative to compare somebody/something with the whole group that she/he/it belongs to.

  • Tom is the tallest of the four brothers.
  • Gold is the most precious of all metals. (OR Gold is the most precious metal.)

Grammar notes

Nouns with superlative adjectives normally take the article the (unless there is a possessive).

  • She is the best girl in the class. (NOT She is best girl )

Superlative adjectives in predicative position also tend to take the, though it is sometimes dropped in an informal style.

  • This book is (the) best.

The is sometimes dropped before superlative adverbs in an informal style.

  • Who can run (the) fastest?

After superlatives, we do not usually use of with a singular word referring to a place or a group.

  • He is the richest man in the world. (NOT of the world.)
  • Who is the fastest player in the team? (NOT of the team?)

But of can be used before plurals, and before singular quantifiers like lot and bunch.

  • Iron is the most useful of all metals.
  • He is the best of the lot.

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