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English Grammar

Transformation of sentences

Changing an exclamatory sentence into an assertive sentence

The transformation of a sentence means changing its form without altering its sense.

  • What a wonderful opportunity! (exclamatory)
  • It is a wonderful opportunity. (assertive)
  • O that I were young again! (exclamatory)
  • I wish I were young again. (assertive)
  • How kind of you to help him like that! (exclamatory)
  • It is very kind of you to help him like that. (assertive)
  • How noble he is! (exclamatory)
  • He is truly noble. (assertive)
  • What a great pleasure it is! (exclamatory)
  • This is indeed a great pleasure. (assertive)
Changing an interrogative sentence into an assertive sentence
  • Is not wisdom better than riches? (interrogative)
  • Wisdom is better than riches. (assertive)
  • Why worry about what people say? (interrogative)
  • It is foolish to worry about what people say. (assertive)
  • Did I ever ask you to do it? (interrogative)
  • I never asked you to do it. (assertive)
  • Is there any sense in doing that? (interrogative)
  • There is no sense in doing that. (assertive)
  • What does it matter whether we win or lose? (interrogative)
  • It matters little whether we win or lose. (assertive)
Changing an imperative sentence into an interrogative sentence
  • Stop talking. (imperative)
  • Will you stop talking? (interrogative)
  • Shut the door. (imperative)
  • Will you shut the door? (interrogative)
  • Please, get me a glass of water. (imperative)
  • Will you, please, get me a glass of water? (interrogative)
  • Get out of here. (imperative)
  • Will you get out of here or not? (interrogative)

The interrogative is a milder or more polite form of the imperative. However, the addition of or not (see the last example) adds a touch of threat to the command.

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